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Readers Respond: The Best Gift Ideas for Geologists and Rockhounds

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From the article: Geologic Gift Ideas
Getting the right gift for anyone can be a challenge, but geologists can be especially difficult to shop for. Most geologists are very selective about their clothes and equipment, but there are some gifts that everyone will appreciate. Whether you are a geologist or regularly shop for one, share your best gift ideas with the rest of us. Tell us about the best geological gift you received and why it was special? Share Your Gift Ideas

Geode Terrarium Kit

I was stumped on what to get my boyfriend... he already had just about every tool and toy I could think of, including agate coasters and punny coffee mugs. Then I found this desktop Geode terrarium kit... fits perfectly on his desk, and he still likes to play around and switch out the rocks. http://www.airplantworlds.com/geode-air-plant-terrarium-kit/
—Guest Sarah

John McPhee Books

This wonderful non-fiction writer has produced a number of books that will fascinate anyone who's interested in geology. They include: o Basin and Range o In Suspect Terrain o Rising from the Plains o Assembling California o Annals of the Former World (includes all of the above, plus Crossing the Craton)
—Guest P.Michael_Hutchins

Rock Collecting - A Heavy Hobby

The best gift I ever received was a set of Craftsman Tool Chests! Whenever I need a specimen, I just pull out the drawer and share my rock, with visitors, friends, teachers and kids. Use to keep the rocks in boxes. Never failed, the box on the bottom was the one I needed. This is no longer a problem.
—Guest Karen Hokanson

Gifts for geologists

Two ideas, the first being quite obvious: a good hand lens. I wear mine every day, no matter where I am or where I'm going. It's not just for rocks -- the world of the small is fascinating wherever you go. Wear one and look at snowflakes, mosses, the underside of fern leaves....you get the idea. The second item is a pocket spectrometer. It's wonderful to look at the emission spectrum of various kinds of light sources to better correlate the wavelengths of light emitted with the resultant color you see. Plus, of course, with suitable filters you can look at the Fraunhofer lines in the light that reaches us from the sun.

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The Best Gift Ideas for Geologists and Rockhounds

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