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Ironstone from Zimbabwe

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By Michael Tucker

Ironstone from Zimbabwe

Haematite and limonite ochres within banded ironstone

Ironstone from Zimbabwe

Rock art site in Zimbabwe

Where This Rock Is From (place, type of locality, etc.)

my garden in Harare, Zimbabwe

What This Rock Is

banded ironstone with haematite and limonite ochres

What I Like About This Rock

My interest is rock art of which there are wonderful examples in the granite areas. These ochres were used by the San for the colouring material. the site itself is fairly open to the elements, maybe out of direct rain, but a typical site situation in Zimbabwe


  • Attached example of a rock art site to show how the paint was used...site is at least 1,500 years old

Andrew Alden, About.com Geology, says:

Some of our best and oldest pigments are minerals. Indeed, after stone tools, pigments may be our earliest mineral technology.
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