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Lynchburg greenstone, Virginia

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By labradorite

Lynchburg greenstone, Virginia

Lychburg greenstone

Where This Rock Is From (place, type of locality, etc.)

Lynchburg, Virginia.

What This Rock Is

This cut piece of rock is a Lynchburg greenstone - technically actinolite chlorite schist from the Lynchburg formation. It is about 500-550 million years old. This rock is an altered basalt probably from an underwater lava flow.

What I Like About This Rock

This item came from my grandfather who was fascinated by rocks and fossils. It was probably an ash tray - he used it for that purpose - that was sold as a tourist item. When my parents cleaned out his belongings, they were going to throw it away but I rescued it thinking that this was a nice piece of rock that I could use in my classroom. Virginia geology and its rock and mineral products are part of our curriculum. Lynchburg greenstone is used as a dimensional stone; it is easily cut, shaped, and polished into stone for buildings and monuments.


  • When I collect rocks, I don't just look for uncut or native specimens. There are rocks and minerals made into lamps, ashtrays, and collectibles as well as artistic items.
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