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Argentina Basalt

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By Desomme Richard

Argentina Basalt

Where This Rock Is From (place, type of locality, etc.)

Argentina desert of Antofagasta de la Sierra

(need a 4X4) ;-))

What This Rock Is

I really don't know

What I Like About This Rock

smooth surface


type of crystallization!

nice sound when knocked

I have been traveling 20 years in my expedition vehicle and I have never seen such crystals


kind regards, richard


  • could you please tell me if these crystals are interesting?
  • I have some twenty kgs of them
  • I was THAT impressed
  • sorry about my bad English

Andrew Alden, About.com Geology, says:

These have every appearance of being tool heads—adzes, mattock blades or crude shovels—made of basalt. I see signs of wear on the ends and chipping along the edges. They were once lashed onto wooden handles. The flat faces are reminiscent of crystals.

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