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Articles related to breccia

Breccia - Sedimentary Rock Types - Geology - About.com
Breccia ("BRET-cha") is usually listed under sedimentary rocks, but igneous and metamorphic rocks may become shattered, too. It is safest to think of brecciation ...
Volcanic Breccia - Geology - About.com
Breccia , like conglomerate, consists of pieces of mixed size, but the large pieces are broken. This breccia is in volcanic rock that has later been altered. Gallery ...
Sedimentary Rock Gallery - Fault Breccia - Geology - About.com
This is a brecciated mudstone from a northern California beach. It started as a simple rock, but some time after it consolidated, something—probably motion ...
Fault Breccia - Geology - About.com
Fault breccia on Pine Canyon Road on the San Andreas fault.
Sedimentary Rock Gallery - Limestone Breccia - Geology - About.com
Movement on a fault disassembled this limestone, forming a breccia in the top half of the boulder while leaving the bottom half undisturbed. Gallery ...
Shell Beach, California - Breccia of Franciscan Matrix - Geology
The Franciscan matrix at Shell Beach may form brecciated rocks.
Limestones - Brecciated Limestone, California - Geology - About.com
Like many other rock types, limestone may be fractured and recemented into a breccia. In this case, earthquakes were probably responsible. Gallery ...
California Transect - Stop 3, Breccia - Geology - About.com
A photographic field trip to classic subduction-related rocks across northern California.
California Transect - Stop 12, Igneous Breccia - Geology - About.com
A photographic field trip to classic subduction-related rocks across northern California.
Diamictite - Sedimentary Rock Types - Geology - About.com
Breccia, being made of a finer matrix bearing large jagged clasts that may even fit together, is clearly formed without water. Diamictite is something that is not ...
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