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Wine consists of soil, transmuted by the grapevine and the vineyardist's skill, refined and shaped by the winemaker's art. Tasting wine is a tantalizing exercise for the geologist, and this gallery of geologic wine labels shows examples where the winegrower's awareness of terroir overlaps vividly with the geologist's awareness of the ground.

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A fine faux vineyardRocks and Gravel by Edmunds St JohnFrom a faux synclineSyncline SyrahA name of unusual poetryCinnabar WineA wine with real schistosityTerre de Schistes Wine
A blueschist candidateLes Roches Bleues WineA faux terroirDevil's Marbles ChardonnayFrom faux stony soilsLössterrassen Grüner VeltlinerA wine with Jurassic sparkAalenien Wine
No flint in the bottleChâteau Silex ÉlogeA geologist's idea of zinLava Cap Zinfandel
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