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Geology and Wine

Wine may be the sublimest product of the Earth's crust.

Geologic Wine Labels
Wines with geology-related names and labels.

A Day of Total Terroir: Geology in the Wine Country
Geologists take a day trip around the Napa Valley in search of the elusive quality called terroir.

"Minerality" in Wine
Is there such a thing as "minerality" in wine, and does it correspond with actual minerals? I attended a scientific session on the subject in 2009.

The Winemaker's Dance: Exploring Terroir in the Napa Valley
Two wine-loving geologists have opened a new line of inquiry into the heart of winegrowing, bringing new depth to terroir: the concept that connects a wine's character with the place giving rise to it.

A Wine Journey along the Russian River by Steve Heimoff
A ramble through an emerging California wine region and the geology that underlies it.

Oregon Geology--Parent of the Soil, Foundation for the Vine
Ray Wells of the U.S. Geological Survey reviews Oregon rocks and how they influence the vines upon them.

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