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Wild and Bemusing Earth Theories

Theories of the Earth that are mostly beyond--way beyond--the bounds of current science.

Earth Pseudoscience
Some of the signs of a pseudoscientific theory.

Abiogenic Petroleum
A series of articles and screeds by J. F. Kenney champions the Soviet school of deep-petroleum science but is more polemical than persuasive.

The Deep Hot Biosphere
Thomas Gold, a physicist by training, annoyed many scientists with his last theory that petroleum has nothing to do with dead dinosaurs.

Earth Expansion
James Maxlow's is the most palatable of a pitiable lot pushing for this long-rejected theory.

The Electric Universe
"Open your mind to the possibilities which ensue from considering the role electricity plays in most every aspect of our existence."

Growing Universe Consortium
Home site for a mailing list of people discussing this long-discredited theory.

The Hollow Earth
Steven Wagner introduces a menagerie of hollow-Earth theorists on the About Paranormal site.

The Hydroplate Earth
Walt Brown, Ph.D., delights creationists with a Flood-centered geophysics.

The Interaction Earth
Eugene Savov expands Earth and everything else in a unique "firework universe."

Intelligent Design Explained
This line of talk consists of four broken ideas.

New Pangaea Theory
J. Chris Everett's variant of expanding-Earth theory relies on massive mantle hydration from a planet-shattering great impactor that somehow left all previous geologic history undisturbed.

The Nuclear Core
Marvin Herndon holds that Earth is powered by a giant ball of uranium.

Perigee Zero
Michael Davias and Jeanette Gilbride hold that Earth looks like it was deeply terraformed by comets over the last 15,000 years, making ice ages a disposable hypothesis.

True Polar Wander
A crazy idea resurfaces to knock Earth--and geology--upside the head.

The Tectonic Strain Theory of UFOs
Michael Persinger, a psychology professor at Laurentian University, has a long-standing line of research tying geophysical and psychic phenomena.

Shock Dynamics
John Michael Fischer says an asteroid impact sent the continents careening into their present places.

The Small-Comets Hypothesis
Little icy comets or processing errors? The story of a controversial theory.

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