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Mud volcanism is the eruption of sediment, not lava. It is caused by the building up of pressure underground that pushes sediment toward the surface. As it moves, the sediment can form dikes and sills underground and mud volcanoes at the surface, analogous to magma dikes and sills and lava volcanoes. This gallery shows each of the four major types of mud volcanism.

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Earthquakes make theseSand Volcano or Sand BlowAn example from the geyser zoneHydrothermal Mud VolcanoAn example from IranHydrocarbon Mud VolcanoCool examples from Southern CaliforniaGryphons
Brine supporting red algaeFluids from Mud VolcanoesThe newest variety of mud volcanoSerpentinite Mud VolcanoA combination seismic-and-gas mud volcanoMud Volcano of Mixed Origin, Andaman IslandsLittle ones spawned by a big oneSecondary Mud Volcanoes, Andaman Islands

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