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Volcanic eruptions, their products and their hazards.
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I Was There When Mount St. Helens Erupted
Recollections of people affected by the 18 May 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.

Volcanoes in a Nutshell
Volcanoes are mountains built by volcanism.

Types of Volcanoes
The major volcano types found on land.

Drilling Volcanoes
Drilling into active volcanoes is not as crazy as you think.

Mud Volcano Gallery
A gallery of the four basic types of mud volcano.

What Was the Biggest Eruption?
The biggest eruption in history depends on what the meaning of "history" is.

The World's Largest Calderas
Twenty-three enormous "supervolcanoes."

Volcanism in a Nutshell
Volcanism is more than volcanoes: it's what recycles the Earth's crust.

Geo-Quiz 10: Volcanoes
Try these twelve questions . . . and don't explode if you get one wrong.

Recipes for Volcanoes
Moviemakers and scientists have gone beyond vinegar and baking soda.

Volcanic Gases
The gases that volcanoes emit aren't just a bit of vapor, but the very cause of volcanoes.

A Basic Guide to Volcanic Hazards
An excellent primer from the Michigan Tech volcano site.

The Human Impact of Volcanoes
From Geotimes, a different take on volcano hazards focusing on causes of injury and death, by an emergency medicine specialist and a veteran volcanologist.

List of Volcanic Hazards
More than just a list, this is a collection of review articles on the many bad things volcanoes do.

Life Stages of Hawaiian Volcanoes
Part of an online book from VolcanoWorld, written by Stephen Mattox of the Hawaii Natural History Association. It details how the growth of the Hawaiian Islands has created the risk of immense landslides and tsunamis bigger than any ever recorded.

USGS Volcanic Hazards Program
This authoritative site focuses on American volcanoes and how to live with them.

Viewing Lava Safely
A U.S. Geological Survey fact sheet with well-earned advice on approaching hot lava; "common sense is not enough."

Volcanic Gas
A fact sheet from the USGS on the hazard and the ways we study it.

Washington Volcanic Ash Advisory Center
One of nine agencies that monitor the world's volcanoes on behalf of the world's air travelers.

Volcanic Explosivity Index
The VEI classifies the severity of volcanic eruptions from 0 to 8 based on a mixture of evidence.

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