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K–12 Teachers' Resources

Lesson plans, standards and inspiration.
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Grants for Teachers
A growing list of organizations that offer money to geology and Earth science teachers in K-12 and informal settings.

Rock Cycle Diagram
My version of this classroom staple.

State Minerals of the United States
All 17 minerals for all 19 states that have named state minerals.

Creating Lessons with Google Earth
A one-page lesson on building compelling classroom lessons with Google Earth.

Geologic Recipes
Teach kids geology as they play with their food.

Understanding Science
A smart, clear, ingenious introduction to science as it's really practiced, presented by an NSF-funded team and full of teaching as well as learning resources.

Build a Baking Soda Volcano
Anne Marie Helmenstine has a how-to for this safe and simple demonstration.

Mentos & Diet Soda Volcano
Anne Marie Helmenstine has instructions for this vigorous reaction, best demonstrated outdoors.

Classic Chemical Volcano
Anne Marie Helmenstine gives directions for this fiery chem-lab spectacle using ammonium dichromate.

North American Geology in Native American Stories
This PDF from Miami University's Robert McWilliams ties the geology of North America to the mythic stories told by its native tribes. The right teacher could use this for any grade level.

Learning About Learning
How do teachers reach students with erroneous beliefs?

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