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Grades 5–8 Teachers' Resources

Lesson plans and other resources for teachers of grades 5 through 8.

Real Science with Kids
Some programs for childrens' classes contribute to genuine research.

Thanks for Asking
How do people get their questions answered on the Internet? Where ask-geologist sites fit in the bigger picture.

Auroras: Paintings in the Sky
An appetizing introduction to these heavenly wonders from the Exploratorium.

Diamond Dan Publications
Darryl Powell is Diamond Dan, creator of mineral activity books and other sound educational stuff.

Discovering Plate Boundaries
Dale Sawyer of Rice University has created excellent, yet simple materials to get a whole roomful of students to think and act just like scientists working out plate tectonics.

Discovery School's Earth Science Lesson Plans
The Discovery Channel has a wide-ranging set of lesson plans under the Teachers tab.

Earth Learning Idea
This blog has been sharing excellent, simple classroom tricks to teach geoscience concepts since 2007.

Earth Observing System—For Educators
Downloadable publications, images, links, and stuff from space, courtesy of NASA.

Earth Science Explorer
Take the Elevator to the Dinosaur Floor or the Earth Floor for good elementary lessons that touch on a surprisingly wide range of subjects. A project of NASA's Classroom of the Future project.

Earth System Science Education Alliance
Online professional development courses for three levels of K-12 teachers are presented by institutions across the United States.

Educational Standards
The pearl of the Kentucky Earth Science Education Network is this list of key topics from the National Science Education Standards (grades K–4, 5–8, and 9–12) with links to resources about each topic.

Exploratorium Tools for Teaching
Even if you can't take your classes to this San Francisco edu-destination, you can use its free geology-related online content.

Fossil Facts and Finds
This site, created by Doug and Claudia Mann of fossilicious.com, has short articles and teaching resources on the subject of fossils.

Geophysics Is Kid's Play
The eminent seismologist Gerard Schuster created this material while teaching his daughter Sarah's 4th-grade classes about mathematical principles.

Minerals and other Earth materials for teachers.

K–12 Earth Science On-Line Classroom Activities, by Age
The Society of Sedimentary Geologists maintains this superb list of 40 lesson activities prepared by science educators.

National Park Service Geology Teacher Guides
A page full of teacher guides and park programs to help you teach geological lessons.

National Science Education Standards
The full text is online—or you can buy the book instead here at the National Academy Press site.

New York Earth Science Teacher
A Long Island high-school teacher has maintained this site for several years with links, lesson plans, and project ideas.

Pathways to School Improvement—Science
A great list from the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.

Teaching Boxes
Teachingboxes.org presents five-and-a-half instructional units aimed at grades 6-8, created by interdisciplinary teams under DLESE, the Digital Library for Earth System Education.

USGS Educational Resources for Grades 7-12
The U.S. Geological Survey's center for lesson plans. Major topics are geologic time, maps, and Earth hazards.

Water Science for Schools
The U.S. Geological Survey's Howard Perlman, a hydrologist in Atlanta, maintains this friendly site for teachers and students (who can earn a certificate here).

Women in Mining
Pick and choose from this understated site. Some of its resources, like "Minerals in Makeup" or "Minerals in Fireworks," are perfect for that certain lesson.

Middle School Physical Science Resource Center
Physicist John Hubisz gives independent reviews of teexts, videos and more--because sometimes you know things better than your state board of education.

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