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Types of Volcanoes


Volcanoes are mountains built by volcanism. Here are the major volcano types found on land: lava domes, cinder cones, maars, tuff rings, tuyas, stratovolcanoes, shield volcanoes and calderas. They are presented roughly in order of their typical size, but each type of volcano has a wide size range.
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Sugarloaf MountainLava DomeSitting in its cradleRhyolite DomeA classic exampleCinder Cone or Scoria Cone, HawaiiA scoria mineCinder or Scoria Cone - Red Hill, California
Typical asymmetryCinder Cones, Coso Volcanic Field, CaliforniaSee a cone's innardsCinder Cone Cross Section, Cascade RangeOf the Ukinrek MaarsMaar, AlaskaA maar with a lava backboneTuff Cone, Oregon
A National Natural LandmarkTuff Ring, OregonFrosted layer-cake volcanoesTuya or Subglacial Volcano, IcelandA midsized stratovolcanoStratovolcano - Burney Mountain, CaliforniaA complex lava pileStratovolcano - Lassen Peak, California

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