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Erosional Landforms


There are different ways to classify landforms, but mine has just three categories: landforms that are built (depositional), landforms that are carved (erosional), and landforms that are made by movements of the Earth's crust (tectonic). Here are the most common erosional landforms.

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Natural bridgesArch, UtahFlat floors, dirt wallsArroyo, NevadaIntricate erosion showplacesBadlands, WyomingLittle mesasButte, Utah
Come in all sizesCanyon, WyomingSeagoing hoodoosChimney, CaliforniaMountain bowls carved by glaciersCirque, CaliforniaSteep rock facesCliff, New York
One-sided hogbacksCuesta, ColoradoA ravine with vertical wallsGorge, TexasA steep ravineGulch, CaliforniaTiny dry dirt valleysGully, California
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