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Landforms and Geologic Features

About landforms, geologic features and the geologic structures that form them.
  1. Caves (16)
  2. Lakes (17)
  3. Geo-Processes & Features (14)

Landform Picture Index
Definitions and examples of dozens of important landforms.

Tectonic Landforms
Common types of tectonic landforms.

Depositional Landforms
A photo dictionary of depositional landforms.

Erosional Landforms
A gallery of erosional landform types.

Pictures of Geologic Features and Processes
A gallery of strictly geological phenomena.

Earth's Most Ancient Places
Several localities of astonishing antiquities.

Types of Volcanoes
The major volcano types found on land.

Gallery of Peaks
Don't miss our favorite landforms of all.

Gallery of Tombolos
Pictures of these rare sandbars that extend to an offshore island.

Geo-Quiz 3: Landforms
Give this test a try . . . you'll find it's an uphill battle.

Black Smokers, Cold Seeps, Whale Falls
Three different seafloor communities have a worldwide connection.

The Rise of Erosion
This old standby of the old geology is back on today's scientific cutting edge.

The Three Types of Faults
The basic fault types along with their parts.

Birth of a Fault
An embryonic fault is found in southern California.

Superfaults and Pseudotachylites
Faults can rub rocks together so hard, they melt.

Save the Geysers!
Thar they blow! a survey of geysers around the world.

Glacier Picture Gallery
A collection of photos and notes about glaciers and related features.

Landscape in the Lab
How do streams cut through bedrock? An elegant experiment opens the enigma.

Magnetic and Gravity Effects at "Mystery Spots"
Are they for real?

The Mountain Problem
A century of geologic progress has changed our textbook picture of mountains.

The Oklo Natural Nuclear Reactor
A spontaneous nuclear reactor made of uranium ore may be Earth's neatest trick.

A Superfault Superlandslide
The world's largest landslide is explained with hotspots and superfaults.

Pillow Lava Pictures
Pillow lavas from the present to the Ordovician.

A Look at the Playa
Why do dry lake beds occur? And why are they called playas?

Slickenside Gallery
A gallery of photos showing slickensides, fault-polished rock surfaces.

Tibet's Extreme Tectonics
Amazing things go on beneath the surface crust of the Tibetan Plateau.

Unconformities: Gaps in the Record
In rocks, what is not there can be as informative as what is there.

Wave-Cut Platforms
Wave-cut platforms are created by nearshore erosion.

Sand Dune Geology
A thorough summary by the National Park Service's John Mangimeli.

Sand Dune Parks
A special page from the U.S. National Park Service collects all the landlocked sand-related parks in one place. Another page lists coastal dune parks.

Loess Hills of the Lower Mississippi Valley
A wide-ranging site about the great deposits of windblown silt in the central United States.

Parts of a Stream
The terminology of streams and their associated landforms.

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