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Sprites and Atmospheric Electricity

Red sprites, blue jets and their flashing ionospheric kin.

Sprites: Upper Atmospheric Lightning
These ghostly flickerings in the ionosphere are the coolest things in the sky.

Sprites from Space
The last flight of space shuttle Columbia had a sprite experiment, and its data survived.

Sprite Research: Glimpse of a TIGER
The gallery of upper-atmosphere lights has a new member: tigers.

Les Farfadets
A well-done brief presentation in French adds the humbling note that science has been quick to discount the early sprite observations.

FMA Research
The Yucca Ridge Field Station, run by Walter Lyons, is the foremost laboratory for observing the great thunderstorm complexes of the American Midwest and a prime player in sprite research.

"The 100-Year Hunt for the Sprite"
A thorough article by Walter Lyons and others also mentions trolls.

"Photometry of Flashes Above Thunderstorms"
The doctoral thesis of Chris Barrington-Leigh is full of hard-core basic information about studying sprites and their cousins.

"Space Shuttle Videos of Sprites, Jets, and Elves"
The history of early sprite observations from the Space Shuttle by William Boeck of Niagara University and other authors.

"Sprites, Elves, and Glow Discharge Tubes"
Physics Today published this industrial-strength article by Earle Williams in November 2001. Don't miss the image gallery.

Stanford Very Low Frequency Group
VLF is a major center of upper-atmosphere physics, and the operator of the Fly's Eye photometer array.

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