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SAFOD - San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth


SAFOD is a history-making drilling project that is penetrating the active zone of the San Andreas fault, where the plan is to leave a suite of scientific instruments deep underground at the place where earthquakes are born. This set of pictures is from the final phase of drilling, in which several side channels were bored from the main hole and rock cores were extracted for study. The scientists in charge liken these core samples to the moon rocks of the Apollo space program.

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Where it isSAFOD Location MapRock and drilling diagramSAFOD - Geologic Cross SectionBird's eye viewSAFOD - Aerial ViewDirty workSAFOD - Retrieving the Core
Proud pose with corerSAFOD - Drillers and Core BarrelReady to openSAFOD - First Core SectionA big momentSAFOD - Opening the First CoreFor the cameraSAFOD - The First Sample
Meticulous workSAFOD - Cleaning the CoresPay dirtSAFOD - Serpentinite in the CoreHello worldPress Conference, 4 October 2007Treated like moon rocksSAFOD - Core Under Glass
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