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Official State Rocks and State Stones of the United States


Granite serves as the state rock or state stone of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Vermont and Wisconsin. (details below)
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Granite is the state building rock and monument stone of Massachusetts, one of the three state rocks of Vermont, the state stone of South Carolina and the state rock of New Hampshire, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Read more about the commercial granite and the geology of granite. Click the photo for a bigger version.

Granite is used as dimension stone for walls and floors and countertops, a structural stone in foundations, and a monumental stone for grave markers, monuments, columns, sculpture and similar elements. It is also crushed for use as road metal, gravel and other applications of aggregate. Massachusetts is specific in honoring granite as a "building rock and monument stone," but in fact this is to differentiate granite from the state's official rock (Roxbury puddingstone), historical rock (Plymouth Rock), explorer rock (Dighton Rock) and glacial rock (Rolling Rock). See for yourself.

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