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One of humankind's oldest and greatest technologies is making artificial stone. Adobe, brick, plaster, concrete—all were invented thousands of years ago to replicate the strength and utility of stone in places where rocks were scarce. They also offer their own distinctive textures and effects.

Are these really rocks? I think so; they have every important attribute of rocks, except that they aren't natural. They're better than natural. I also include a few items under the label "slag" that are byproducts rather than products. See What Is a Rock? for more discussion.

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A garden archAdobe ArchSundried clay and fiberAdobe BricksOld-fashioned techLime KilnA cool placeInside a Lime Kiln
Glue of a crude stone wallMortar in a Stone WallA sculptural mediumPlaster FriezeMakings of Victorian gingerbreadPlaster and BrickFluid and solid combinationBrick and Mortar
Made from brickclayBrick TileA century-old sidewalkConcrete SidewalkA peek inside concreteSidewalk Cross SectionA Frisco wall shows its bonesAggregate in Concrete

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