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Storing Rocks


Geologists pro and amateur collect rocks, most of them for a reason. No matter how scrupulously and judiciously you collect, rocks have a way of accumulating unless you come up with ways to file them. At some point you will need to store your rocks. Museums use fancy schemes involving notebooks and databases, but the rest of us can keep things simple.
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A need for storageThe SituationSupplies are cheapBag and Label Your RocksPossibilities aboundFind Good Rock ContainersWrite on the topLabel Your Rock Containers
Neat and tidyReady for StorageAccess to everythingBookshelves for BooksMore clutterAnother Jumbled ShelfLike a candy traySmall Stones on a Dish
Pampered stonesHand Specimens in a Cookie TinA better situationA Neat, Clean, Accessible Shelf

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