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Pet Rocks and Favorite Stones


No matter how dispassionate you might be about the rocks you collect, study and catalog, there are some field specimens you get attached to. You keep them around. You box them up when you change offices and workplaces, then set them out where they can be seen and touched. They're part of your life. They're your personal pet rocks.

The first three are some of mine. More contributions are welcome.

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A history-packed handfulMultiply Fractured MudstoneA glossy green palSerpentinite BoulderA cool, calm stoneQuartziteAnd lizard shelterOtis the Aa
Looks like petrified lasagnaStromatoliteRadially veinedChert BombA cerebral specimenSeptarian NoduleMinnesota zeoliteThomsonite Boulder
English chertScarlet's JasperA smiling stoneYorrike's Brick Clast

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