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State Gemstones of the United States


Thirty-five of the 50 states have designated an official gem or gemstone. (Montana and Nevada have named both a precious and semiprecious gemstone.) Although the laws may call them "gems," they are generally not sparkling crystals, so I prefer to call them all gemstones. The majority are colorful rocks that look their best as flat, polished cabochons, perhaps in a bolo tie or belt buckle. They are unpretentious, inexpensive stones with democratic appeal.

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LA,MD,MN,MT,NE,NDAgateNYAlmandine GarnetSCAmethystCOAquamarine
CABenitoiteHIBlack CoralALBlue QuartzMIChlorastrolite
ARDiamondNCEmeraldNVFire OpalOHFlint
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