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Official State Minerals

The State Minerals, Listed by State


Nineteen of the 50 states have designated an official state mineral. The mineral name is linked to its page in my gallery of state minerals. The "source" link goes to the best existing material from the respective state government. My favorite site for all state symbols is at netstate.com.

Also, a state's official state rock may be a mineral, just as one of the minerals in this list is actually a rock. And a state's official mineral may be confused with its official gemstone. Be sure to check those lists, too. I also have a big list of gemstone names and their corresponding mineral names.

Alabama: Hematite (source)
Alaska: Gold (source)
Arkansas: Quartz (source)
California: Gold (source)
Colorado: Rhodochrosite (source)
Connecticut: Almandine garnet (source)
Delaware: Sillimanite (source)
Georgia: Staurolite (source)
Illinois: Fluorite (source)
Kentucky: Coal (source)
Massachusetts: Babingtonite (source)
Missouri: Galena (source)
Nevada: Silver (implied) (source)
New Hampshire: Beryl (source)
Rhode Island: Bowenite (source)
South Dakota: Rose quartz (source)
Utah: Copper (source)
Vermont: Talc (source)
Wisconsin: Galena (source)

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