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Plate Tectonic Maps

The world's lithospheric plates and their activity. For background knowledge, start with Plate Tectonics in a Nutshell.

Basic Map of Earth's Tectonic Plates
This U.S. Geological Survey map shows borders of the major lithospheric plates and some minor ones too.

Plates and Their Boundaries
A more sophisticated map showing 21 plates and their boundary types.

Boundaries of 52 Tectonic Plates
Plate boundaries, 52 of them, from a major 2003 paper.

Plate-Tectonic Features and Global Topography
A map of the actual landforms that signify plate-tectonic entities.

Tectonic Activity of the World
A snapshot of the moving parts of Earth's surface.

Map of the Mid-Ocean Ridges
A schematic map with the names and locations of the spreading ridges.

Map of World Seafloor Ages
Seafloor spreading is what first made plate tectonics a plausible theory.

Map of Global Plate Speeds
The present motions of the plates are measured with amazing precision.

Map of World Hotspots
A handy guide to names and locations of the most commonly cited hotspots.

Plate Boundaries for Google Earth
This KMZ file from the U.S. Geological Survey has plate boundaries and their types for the world, with 18 plates named. Another file, plateboundaries.kmz, shows much finer detail of the boundaries without names. Play with both of them at once in Google Earth.

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