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Petroleum - Oil and Gas

Petroleum (oil and gas): how it forms, where it's found, what it means to geologists.

Petroleum in a Nutshell
A growing tree of articles about this important geologic commodity.

Oil Seep at McKittrick, California
The birthplace of the Central Valley oil boom is just off the road today.

Lakeview Gusher of 1910, Maricopa, California
Visit the site of America's most spectacular oil gusher a hundred years later.

History of Gasoline
Mary Bellis lays out the long timeline that lies behind today's refined fuel.

A deep source of information on "industry news, statistics and technical editorial to the oil and gas drilling, exploration and production industry."

"Crude - The Incredible Journey of Oil"
The Australian TV network ABC produced this sound documentary on petroleum in 2007.

Index to Early Petroleum History Sites
Blake Malkamaki of Little Mountain Ironworks in Concord, Ohio, maintains this great list of petroleum sites.

Effective Petroleum Source Rocks of the World, Abridged
A summary of Klemme and Ulmishek's 1991 article is adapted for the Web with maps and animations.

Oilfield Glossary
The Schlumberger company performs a great service with this large wordlist for the petroleum industry and the science that underlies it.

A clearinghouse of resources for looking ahead beyond the end of the Oil Age, which the group anticipates soon.

World Famous Asphalt Museum
Professor Scott Gordon of California State University, Sacramento, hosts this long-standing destination with verve and brio.

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