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The Home Life of Geologists
Geologists testify how they make their home and field lives mesh.

Seismologists Talk about Their Formative Earthquakes
Among the things that have drawn seismologists to their field, experiencing an earthquake may be the most common.

What Is Geology's Nobel Prize?
Nothing in geology quite measures up to the Nobel Prize.

A Geologist's 10 New Year's Resolutions
Suggestions for this and any new year.

Field Etiquette for Geologists
The health of the profession depends on basic good behavior.

Geological Thinking - Method of Multiple Working Hypotheses
The scientific method we're taught in school is a cartoon.

Expanding the Scientific Poster Presentation
The scientific poster is a staple of meetings, and becoming more important all the time.

Improving the Geologic Conversation
The 20th century didn't just change geology, it changed the way geologists do their work by making it easier to talk.

Geo-Quiz: Earth Science "Ologies"
A dozen challenging questions about the subspecialties of geology.

The Still Small Voice of WIMPs - Underground Laboratories
When searching for WIMPs, scientists seek the quietest places deep underground.

The Accretionary Wedge
A blog carnival dedicated to geology, launched September 2007.

Forensic Geology
The International Union of Geological Sciences launched its Initiative on Forensic Geology in 2011 with the goal "to develop forensic geology internationally and promote its applications."

GSA Code of Conduct
"Responsibilities and guiding principles of conduct for all members of the Geological Society of America."

A small group's blog about communicating better in scientific meetings.

Applied Geophysics
The University of British Columbia has three slide shows for students to learn just what geophysics means in the real world: well logging, resistivity surveying and magnetic surveying.

Highly Cited Geoscience Researchers
Thomson Reuters owns this service of the Institute for Scientific Information: pick "Geosciences" and see several hundred of today's most influential geoscientists.

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