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Deeper resources about the science of fossils.

A New Look in the Horse's Mouth
New instruments of fantastic accuracy give us a fresh look at an old fossil horse tooth.

Types of Types
When geologists need some sort of precise standard for imprecise things, they revert to type—type specimens, that is.

Code of Fossil Collecting
Official policy of the Paleontological Society.

Provincial Time Terms
The cutting edge of geologic time is still precariously based on fossils.

Curious Scientific Names
A collection of weird and amusing Latin(?) names of organisms by Douglas Yanega.

Fossil News
The Journal of Amateur Paleontology offers sample articles from the current issue online.

The Fossil Record 2
A huge set of data about the diversity of life through time, arranged in a colossal downloadable Excel table—or you can search it online—by the University of Bristol.

Internet Biodiversity Service
Access to databases about fossils and living species, organized by taxon.

Invertebrate Paleontology Image Gallery
Some of the rarities in Yale University's gigantic fossil collection are displayed here.

Links for Palaeobotanists
The first of seven pages of hard-core links, maintained by Klaus-Peter Kelber in Würzburg, Germany.

Midwestern U.S. 16,000 Years Ago
A sprawling exhibit of Late Pleistocene America by the Illinois State Museum including glaciers, animals and plants, humans, and what happened to all of them.

Online Fossil Collection
From the Paleontological Research Institution at Cornell University, this collection has arthropods (including trilobites) and echinoderms sorted by age.

The Paleobiology Database
A worldwide effort to put the world's fossil data into one big pile suitable for analysis, hosted at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

The Palaeontological Association
The British fossil society. Look for its "Palaeontology Newsletter."

Palaeontologia Electronica
The first fully online journal for fossil scientists.

A relational database for fossils being built at the University of Kansas.

PaleoNet (West)
A big resource site for professionals including software, listservs, links, and job info, mirrored elsewhere.

Paleontological Collection Catalogs
A big worldwide list of searchable data sites from the UC Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley.

Paleontological Society
An online book, evolution white paper, media service, and much more from this American organization.

Paleontology and Scientific Literacy
Three articles about the intellectual fruits of 200 years of fossil studies, and the forces rotting them, from the UC Museum of Paleontology.

Paleontology FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions from the University of California Museum of Paleontology (with many dead links).

Palaeontology Online
A growing set of articles, by experts aimed at the public, on paleontology topics, sponsored by the Palaeontological Society.

Radiocarbon Web-Info
Home page for a thorough survey of this important dating method from Waikato University, New Zealand.

Trackways of Arthropods
The University of Bristol hosts this introduction to a burgeoning specialty in ichnology, the study of trace fossils.

The Tree of Life
An enormous worldwide Web network that presents every kind of life, living and extinct. More amazing to see than to read about here.

Taphonomy is the road between death and fossilization.

Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Pages
The name says it all about Henri Grissino-Meyer's big site at the University of Arizona.

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