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Geologic Images & Maps


Much of geology is easier to see than to read about. Here are images of all kinds, including geologic maps and photo galleries.
  1. Geologic Maps
  2. Igneous Rock Images
  3. Sedimentary Rock Images
  4. Metamorphic Rock Images
  5. Other Kinds of Rocks
  6. Mineral & Gemstone Pictures
  1. Landform Pictures
  2. Fossil Photos
  3. Pictures of Geological Features
  4. Plate Tectonics Images
  5. Geology & Society in Photos
  6. Geologic Techniques Illustrated

Geologic Maps

Discover what underlies the ground where you live or where you plan to visit.

Igneous Rock Images

Photos of all the common igneous rock types plus classification diagrams to help tell them apart.

Sedimentary Rock Images

Photos of all the common sedimentary rock types plus classification diagrams to help tell them apart.

Metamorphic Rock Images

Metamorphic rocks are derived from igneous or sedimentary rocks. Here are photos of all the common metamorphic rock types.

Other Kinds of Rocks

Not everything is igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic.

Mineral & Gemstone Pictures

The most common and significant minerals, more than a hundred of them, are shown here.

Landform Pictures

From molehills to mountains, Earth presents a panoply of landforms, each with something to say about the forces and history that made it.

Fossil Photos

A closer look at some of the common and significant fossils to be found in sedimentary rocks.

Pictures of Geological Features

Geology goes beyond the everyday things that everyone else notices. Here are things that give particular pleasure to geologists.

Plate Tectonics Images

Maps and pictures related to plate tectonics, the body of theory that describes the behavior of the Earth's surface.

Geology & Society in Photos

Geology is more than just a science. It's a source of wealth and knowledge for maintaining civilization, a fitting subject for travel and vacations, and a wellspring of inspiration to all kinds of thinkers.

Geologic Techniques Illustrated

Methods, tests and procedures used by rockhounds, geologic technicians or Earth science researchers.

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