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Geology News Sources

Sources of current and future geology news.

Do-It-Yourself Geology News
Go past the science soundbites and dig up the facts yourself.

Handicapping the News
A how-to on looking ahead of the news cycle.

BBC World Science News
The flagship of world journalism has a deep science page.

MSNBC Science
Home page for a stream of science news, generally light.

Discovery Channel News
Fewer stories here, but friendlier treatments of them under the "Earth" and "Space" tabs.

New York Times Science
All the science news that's fit to print, from top-notch reporters at the leading U.S. paper.

Los Angeles Times Science
Coverage of Southern California's--and the world's--scientific newsmakers.

SFGate Science
The San Francisco Chronicle has a stable of fine science reporters digging up stories from the whole Bay area and around the world.

San Jose Mercury News Science
Silicon Valley's paper of record has medal-winning journalists covering that hotbed of research--and beyond.

SciTech Daily Review
Current science stories here are brief rewrites of items from other sites, making it a good "page 1" for the wider web—but be sure to click through to the source.

EurekAlert News Releases
Titles of the week's press releases are all presented on one page. This is the best place to stay on top of tomorrow's science news.

This popular site is an outlet for press releases. It offers the same service as EurekAlert, while pretending not to, with a prettier layout.

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