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Urban Landslides - An Oakland Case Study


My local paper noted that a house had been destroyed in a landslide, the latest in a recent series. I went to the scene one day to take a look. The field evidence was suggestive, so when I got home I investigated the historical evidence too. Anyone evaluating a homesite can learn from what I did. Please note that I am not a licensed geologist; not only is my opinion NOT definitive, but I don't even have a firm opinion on exactly how this landslide happened or how the legal liability for it should be apportioned. (I have another disclaimer on the last page.)
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Orientation and photo sitesKey MapGetting there from Fruitvale AvenueView of the BluffAn oddly undeveloped parkA Suspicious ParkThe view brings people hereView from the Bluff Top
A late Deco specimenA Ruined HomeKeep outA Posted DwellingThe main eventThe Main Headscarp, View SouthTextbook featuresHeadscarp Looking North
Old maps show a smoking gunDating an Earlier Slide1939 airphoto gives more hints1939 Aerial PhotoClues from a 1915 map1915 Topographic MapClues from an 1897 map1897 Topographic Map
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