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Chert Gallery


Chert is widespread but not widely known by the public as a distinct rock type. It helps to see examples. That's what this gallery is for. To learn more of the geological details, see About Chert.
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Chert diagnostic features4 Features of Chert: Luster, Fracture, Hardness, TextureFlint noduleFlint NoduleJasper specimenJasper and AgateGemstones on displayGemstone Chert
Bedded chert outcropBedded ChertBasic white chertWhite ChertFrom deep-sea red clayRed ChertBrown chertBrown Chert
Black organic-rich chertBlack ChertFolded red chertFolded ChertChert in the process of chertificationChert DiagenesisPoppy jasper roughPicture Jasper

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