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Serpentinite Gallery


Serpentinite (ser-PEN-tinite) is a heavy, greenish metamorphic rock that forms by hydration, or serpentinization, of deep oceanic rocks. It is found on land only where pieces of oceanic plates escaped subduction and were accreted against the upper plate.

Unless otherwise indicated, these photos are from California, where serpentinite is widespread (and indeed is the official state rock).

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A roiling rockSerpentinite from 'Earthquake Beach'A striking exposureSerpentinite from Idria Ultramafic BodyClothed in lichenSerpentinite, Ring Mountain PreserveWith fibrous mineralsSerpentinite Vein, Lake Berryessa
From an Eastern subduction scarSerpentinite DeformationGreen marbleVerd Antique or Serpentine MarblePyroxene remnantsBastite, Serpentinitized PyroxeneAn eastern exampleVermont Serpentinite
In reposeSerpentinite Hand Specimen, Lake BerryessaA dark beautySerpentinite Hand Specimen, Sierra NevadaTwo ends of the color rangeLight and Dark Serpentinite, Sierra NevadaRoadside exposureSerpentinite, Feather River Ultramafic Complex
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