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The Silicate Minerals


The silicate minerals make up the great majority of rocks. Silicate is a chemical term for the group of a single atom of silicon surrounded by four atoms of oxygen, or SiO4, in the shape of a tetrahedron. Geochemists speak of silica tetrahedra a lot, and you'll see it throughout this gallery as I describe the structure of various silicate minerals.
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Hydrous metal silicatesAmphibole (Hornblende)Aluminum silicateAndalusiteHydrous metal borosilicateAxiniteBarium titanium silicateBenitoite
Beryllium aluminum silicateBerylHydrous metal silicateChloriteHydrous copper silicateChrysocollaHydrous copper silicateDioptase
Hydrous aluminum borosilicateDumortieriteHydrous calcium iron silicateEpidoteHydrous alkali metal silicateEudialyteMetal silicatesFeldspar (Microcline)

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