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The Mica Minerals


Sericite is a name for muscovite with extremely small grains. You'll see it everywhere you see people, because it's used in makeup. (more below)
Shiny silky mica
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Sericite is typically found in low-grade metamorphic rocks like slate and phyllite. In the literature you'll see the term "sericitic alteration" referring to this kind of metamorphism.

Sericite is also an industrial mineral, commonly used in makeup, plastics and other products to add a silky shine. Makeup artists know it as "mica shimmer powder," used in everything from eye shadow to lip gloss. Craftspeople of all sorts rely on it to add a shimmery or pearly gleam to clay and rubberstamping pigments, among many other uses. Candy makers use it in luster dust.

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