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Mineral Habits


Habits are the distinctive form that mineral crystals may take in different geologic settings, for instance when growing in a free space or in a particular environment. Habit can be a strong clue to a mineral's identity. Here are examples of some of the most useful mineral habits. Note that "habit" also has a meaning for rocks.
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NeedlelikeAcicular HabitFilling almond-shaped holesAmygdaloidal HabitGeneral term for layeredBanded HabitSpiky but not needlelikeBladed Habit
Pyrite chunks on quartzBlocky HabitLike grape clustersBotryoidal HabitCrossed twinsCruciform HabitA branching formDendritic Habit
Crusts of crystalsDrusy HabitUsually calciteEncrusting HabitRound or cubicEquant HabitLike straight hairsFibrous Habit

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