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Mars Geology

Geology and history of Mars.

Meteorites from Mars (and Elsewhere)
Rocks from Mars are found on the ground on Earth.

Martian Water
How the Mars rover Opportunity discovered evidence of ancient water in Meridiani Planum.

The Mystery that Is Mars
Geologists take their place at the end of a long chain of storytellers about Mars. They'll need lots of time to get the story right, because just making stuff up won't do.

Our Favorite Martians: Pathfinder, Sojourner and Barnacle Bill
In 1997, Barnacle Bill and Sojourner entertained, but only partially informed.

Malin Space Science Systems
The longtime camera builder for Mars missions and other space projects always has the latest amazing images online, far more than anyone else. Don't miss the Mars Atlas.

Mars Images
NASA's Planetary Photojournal site serves over 1100 pictures of Mars, Phobos and Deimos.

Mars Missions
The Jet Propulsion Lab has this handy page with all the planetary spacecraft missions. Enter "Mars" on the search filter and there you go.

Mars Meteorite Home Page
JPL's Ron Baalke presents the human as well as the scientific side of these fascinating stones.

Martian Meteorites
A thorough introduction to the SNC meteorite class in full petrographic detail, from the Natural History Museum of London.

Meteorites from Mars
The Johnson Space Center has a thorough treatment of the martian meteorites. The top pages are not fully up to date, but the Compendium section sure is.

On the Question of the Mars Meteorite
"The" Mars meteorite being ALH84001, the one with purported evidence of life. Allan Treiman of the Lunar and Planetary Institute has amassed all the information that matters here.

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