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Location for Geologists: The Township and Range System


Today you can locate anything on Earth to within a meter very easily, thanks to GPS technology. But old records specify locations using different methods that geologists must be familiar with. One of these is the U.S. Public Land Survey System, which covers most of the country except the original 13 eastern states plus Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas and Hawaii. It can record the location of a feature (property, well, monument or bedrock exposure) very compactly by using simple fractions and a few key geographic points.
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Meridians and base linesOrigin of the Land Grid - Meridians and Base LinesA boustrophedonic schemeSections of a TownshipOrigin of the 40-acre memeDivisions of a SectionAll laid outU.S. Principal Meridians and Base Lines
An early confusionPrincipal Meridians and Base Lines of the Upper MidwestIntricacies of the Deep SouthPrincipal Meridians and Base Lines of the Deep SouthThis code may save your lifeRoad Numbering on BLM Lands
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