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New York is full of interest for all kinds of geologists. (more below)
New York's rocks

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This thumb-sized version of New York is from a 1986 publication by several state government agencies (click it for a much larger version). At this scale only the gross features are apparent: the grand sweep of the western state's classic Paleozoic section, the gnarled ancient rocks of the northern mountains, the north-south stripe of folded Appalachian strata along the eastern border, and the huge glacial sediment deposit of Long Island. The New York Geological Survey issued this map, along with much explanatory text and two cross sections, as Educational Leaflet 33; for $6.95 it's a tremendous bargain.

The Adirondack Mountains in the north are part of the ancient Canadian Shield. The wide set of flat-lying sedimentary rocks in western and central New York are part of the North American heartland, laid down in shallow seas between Cambrian (blue) and Pennsylvanian (dark red) times (500 to 300 million years ago). They grow in thickness toward the east, where high mountains raised during plate collisions were eroded. The remnants of these alpine chains remain as the Taconic Mountains and Hudson Highlands along the eastern border. The entire state was glaciated during the ice ages, and rock debris was piled up forming Long Island.

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I've prepared wallpaper-size versions of this map, just to look at, at 800x600 (200 KB), 1024x768 (400 K), 1280x1024 (500 K), and 1600x1200 (725 K). (You may also use these in presentations, if you give me credit.)

A version you can actually read and use is the 3100x2500 version (1.93 MB). Or for the full fidelity of my original scans, download the maps for the western (3000x3000, 3.1MB), northern (2400x2400, 2.5 MB) and southeastern (2500x2500, 2.3 MB) parts of the state. By now you will want the map's legend (2655x2082, 1.09 MB) to identify the particular formation and age of the rocks at any locality. It puts a whole booklet worth of information onto one sheet. But really, just buy Educational Leaflet 33 instead.

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