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New Jersey is sharply divided on this geologic map, but it's an accident of geography. (more below)
New Jersey's rocks

Courtesy New Jersey Geological Survey

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New Jersey has two rather different regions. The south half of the state is on the low, flat-lying Atlantic coastal plain, and the north half is in the ancient folded Appalachian mountain chain. In fact they fit together very well, but the course of the Delaware River, which establishes the state border, cuts across and along the grain of the rocks giving the state its chunky shape. At New Jersey's northwest edge in Warren County, the river makes an especially impressive water gap, cutting through a high ridge of tough conglomerate. Geologists have shown that the river once took the same course in a flat landscape high above today's, with older mountains buried in a thick layer of younger sediment. As erosion removed this sediment layer the river cut down across the buried mountains, not through them.

The state is rich in fossils, and the thick basalt intrusions (bright red) of Jurassic age are well known among mineral collectors. The state contains coal and metal ores that were extensively exploited from colonial times until the early 20th century.

The green-and-red oval marks a region where the crust split during the initial opening of the Atlantic Ocean. A similar feature is in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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I also have another version of this map (850x1200 pixels) suitable for printing on a whole page. But for just fifty cents, you can order a nice printed copy from the state or get a PDF for free.

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