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Georgia extends from the Appalachian Mountains on the north and west to the Atlantic Coastal Plain and is wealthy in mineral resources. (more below)
Georgia's rocks

Base data from U.S. Geological Survey/Georgia Department of Natural Resources (fair use policy)

In northern Georgia, the ancient folded rocks of the Blue Ridge, Piedmont, and Valley-and-Ridge provinces contain Georgia's coal, gold, and ore resources. (Georgia had one of America's first gold rushes in 1828.) These give way in the middle of the state to the flat-lying sediments of Cretaceous and younger age. Here are the great kaolin clay beds that support the state's largest mining industry. See a gallery of Georgia's geological attractions.

This map comes from the U.S. Geological Survey and state Department of Natural Resources database. The map units are identified in the metadata file there, but their ages can be determined in many cases by the capital letter in the symbols on the map key, which is included in two larger versions I have made of this map. The 1500x1700 pixel version weighs 1.3 MB and the 3100x3600 pixel version is 2.9 MB. Both have fully legible text—in fact, the larger one should print better than the original GIF.

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