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Geologic Maps

Geologic maps for the world, for countries, for localities and for eras in the past.
  1. State Geologic Maps (59)
  2. USA Geologic Maps (9)
  3. Local U.S. Geologic Maps (7)
  4. Canadian Geologic Maps (8)
  5. Other Country Geologic Maps (30)
  6. Country Seismic Hazard Maps (21)
  7. Plate Tectonic Maps (10)
  8. Paleogeographic Maps (4)

How to Read a Geologic Map
Introducing the art of reading a geologic map.

Geologic Maps of the 50 United States
Geologic maps of all 50 states.

The Web-Wide World
Digital Earth promises a vast active global geographic database, a live 3D world map.

Colors on Geologic Maps: A Peculiar History
Reading the colors of geologic maps and the hundred-year-old argument over them.

Geologic Map Colors, US Geological Survey
The USGS colors are used in American geologic maps.

Geologic Map Colors, International Standard
The basic color set used by European countries for geologic maps.

Geo-Quiz Number 20: Geologic Maps
Who wants to be a geo-whiz? The trivia game: GEOLOGIC MAPS

About Aeromagnetic Mapping
The basics of aeromagnetic maps and why they show what they show.

USGS National Geologic Map Database
Everything that's available online is here on one page. A must-have for any outing.

USGS National Geologic Lexicon
GeoLex is a nearly complete database of U.S. geologic names, including both rock units and time units.

Topographic Map Symbols
A good introduction to those information-packed maps from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Location for Geologists: The Township and Range System
What geologists need to know about townships, ranges and the Public Land Survey System.

The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
This awesome online map collection includes many classic geologic maps from the last three centuries—just do a search for "geology."

Historic Geologic Map Color Standards
Here's a table of the traditional colors used on old geologic maps, USGS and International standards.

The U.S. Geological Survey allows you to slice and dice map data for all surveyed planets and the Moon.

Follow this effort to put an increasingly detailed map of world geology online.

Google Earth
There's no better application for just browsing the globe, and many geologic entities are marked on it already.

Airborne Laser Swath Mapping (ALSM)
This hot technology allows precise mapping of large tracts (for instance, ground zero in New York City) in just hours, like aerial photos but fully digital. The University of Florida does leading research with this tool.

This Dynamic Planet
A collaboration of the USGS, Smithsonian Institution and Naval Research Laboratory brings you an an excellent interactive world tectonic map.

The World Stress Map Project
Download worldwide data and maps of tectonic stress, or create your own custom map with the software on this site, run by the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

View the world's bathymetry and topography, anywhere you like, from Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory.

Sea Surface Temperature Today
The Space Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin serves up the latest satellite map of the global ocean temperature.

Seafloor Topography of the World
Click on it for gorgeous enlargements; includes the continents too. From UC San Diego.

Marine Gravity Map of the World
This gravity map, compiled by satellite measurements, is subtly different from the topography map listed below. Compiled by Scripps Insitute of Oceanography, it's a better depiction of the seafloor in remote areas where ships rarely go. Click for detailed images and read the accompanying articles.

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