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The Earth's Mantle

Between the crust and the core lies most of the Earth.

Drilling to the Mantle
Seafloor drillers set their sights on drilling to the Moho, an ambitious feat last tried in 1961.

Six Things to Know About the Earth's Mantle
A look at six different aspects of the Earth's mantle.

The Diamond Zone
Diamonds are actual samples of the mantle that tell us about this remote place.

Hotspots: Spouts Beneath the Plates
Hotspots and other signs of something deep going on in the Earth's mantle.

Sounding the Deep Earth
How seismology helps us make 'ultrasound baby pictures' of the mantle.

The Big Squeeze: High-Pressure Laboratory Studies
Squeezing data from stones with the diamond-anvil cell has revolutionized mantle studies.

Today's Mantle, a Guided Tour
Take a downward trip from here to "hell," or the D'' layer.

The Mantle's Big Story and Its Secret Ingredient
Why Earth's mantle differs from those of the other planets: it's the water.

The D-Double-Prime Layer
The mantle's mysterious bottom layer, or core-mantle boundary, is offered a new name honoring a real Earth scientist instead of his outmoded model.

A Hotspot Alternative
Competition is heating up between two theories about hotspots, one looking to the mantle and the other to the plates.

Center of the anti-mantle-plume movement, this site is a growing body of papers and links covering the hottest argument in deep-Earth studies today.

Study of Earth's Deep Interior (SEDI) Committee
This volunteer group of worldwide specialists coordinates research into the mantle and core.

Beneath the familiar surface water cycle is another for the deep interior.

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