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The geological side of lakes: limnology and limnogeology.

Erupting Lakes
Three African lakes share a rare property: they explode.

The Deep Lake Drilling Project
An article about a new science, limnogeology, from your About Geology Guide.

Ancient Lakes
This list of millions-year-old lakes is a good entree to LakeNet, site of the World Lakes Network.

Antarctic Subglacial Lakes
SALE (Subglacial Antarctic Lake Exploration) is a group of specialists overseeing the cutting-edge research into the pristine, otherworldly environments of Lake Vostok and its siblings: cold, dark lakes under kilometers of ice.

Cayuga Lake, New York
This Geotimes article describes an ingenious project to tap cold deep water from this Finger Lake for space cooling, and the scientific payoff that came with it.

Elk Lake, Minnesota
This lake's sediments are analyzed as a climate record of the last 10,000 years in this U.S. Geological Survey fact sheet.

Great Lakes Information Network
All about the five Great Lakes shared by the USA and Canada.

IDEAL: East African Lakes
The International Decade for the East African Lakes is studying the ancient environment of this crucial continent through its great lakes.

International Society for Salt Lake Research
A small group of specialists-within-a-specialty.

Lacustrine Rift Basin Research Program
Syracuse University hosts this research group looking into the dynamics of eastern Africa through the records in lake sediments.

Lake Baikal Drilling Project
The CONTINENT program is at GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Germany.

Lake El'gygytgyn
Everything about this fascinating Siberian impact basin, where the bottom sediments record precious environental information for the last 5 million years. Maintained by Matt Nolan of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Lake Malawi Drilling
Science, news, and pictures of this great southern African lake are all here.

Large Lakes Observatory
In Duluth on Lake Superior, the University of Minnesota ("land of 10,000 lakes") runs this hard-core research facility.

Limnological Research Center
The University of Minnesota has a wealth of information for public and professional consumption.

Nyos and Monoun, Volcanic Lakes of Cameroon
George Kling at the University of Michigan maintains this compendium about the pair of African caldera lakes that erupted with lethal gas in the 1980s.

The Science of Volcanic Lakes
Crater lakes may turn to boiling acid, erupt in choking gas, or be deep blue pools. This site maintained by Greg Pasternack of the University of California, Davis.

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