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Geology and Geoscience Journals

See the Blogs and Daily News lists for other interesting reading.

Open, Gray and Clear Literature
There's more to the literature than just the journals, which constitute the open literature.

This wonderful source of scientific press releases is aimed at journalists, but it's great browsing for anyone with wide interests.

13 AGU Journals
Tables of contents for the American Geophysical Union's 13 journals. Some abstracts are online too.

Open Access Journals: Earth Science
The Directory of Open Access Journals lists many, mostly minor journals related to geology and related subjects.

Physics/Geophysics Abstracts Service
A service that locates and retrieves abstracts in all aspects of geophysics.

Earth Magazine
Formerly Geotimes, the flagship magazine of the American Geological Institute shares a good portion of its contents online, plus some Web exclusives. Nobody puts more dedicated Earth science news and commentary online.

Earth Heritage Magazine
A devoted, hard-core magazine about sites of significance in the history of geology has much of its content online.

Fossil News
The Journal of Amateur Paleontology offers sample articles from the current issue online.

Contents and abstracts for my favorite geological magazine. This magazine is cited so often in the press that abstracts are worthwhile even without the articles.

GSA Bulletin
Contents and abstracts of the most prestigious publication of the Geological Society of America. As with Geology, just having abstracts available is of value.

GSA Today
Full contents as well as individual articles are online, in PDF and HTML format. Interesting hardcore review articles for GSA members.

"Inside Earth" newsletter
The National Park Service's newsletter has updates about its caves and its karst research program.

Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences
This free online journal focusing on a wide range of hazard-related science is sponsored by the European Geosciences Union.

This prestigious journal features some short articles in its "Nature Science Update" section, but the rest of its content is restricted to subscribers.

New Scientist
One of the best magazines of its kind. Not every issue has an Earth-science story, but those it has are very good.

Oceanus Magazine
Oceanus delivers articles and commentary on the meaning and value of ocean research, engineering, and education at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Palaeontologia Electronica
This fully online journal for fossil scientists has some lively, authoritative articles, letters and commentary.

Park Paleontology
A newsletter for lovers of the US National Parks and their fossils. Also available on this site is the journal NPS Paleontological Research.

Planetary Science Research Discoveries
An online journal focusing on the big picture with industrial-strength articles.

Science (AAAS Journal)
Text and abstracts of articles are available online only to American Association for the Advancement of Science members.

Science News
The best general-interest popular science magazine, with top-notch writers. Several stories each week are posted in full text—plus sources and bibliographies.

Volcano Watch
This weekly newsletter from the Hawaii Volcano Observatory focuses on the Aloha State, but not exclusively.

Theory of the Earth by Don Anderson
This graduate-level textbook is a heroic attempt at summarizing a lifetime's research by a top-ranking geoscientist. Published by Blackwell in 1989, this widely cited book is now publically available on the Caltech Web site.

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