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Ultra-low frequency sound waves deliver interesting information.

Infrasound: Air Seismology
Infrasound is the strange territory between sound and seismology.

Infrasound and Animal Navigation
The key to animal navigation may lie in geophysics.

Bringing Together Seismology and Atmospheric Sciences
Läslo Evers of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) has a high-strength treatment of infrasonic basics.

Scripps Institution produces this industrial-grade clearinghouse of information on infrasound research.

Infrasonics Home Page
The Geophysical Institute in Fairbanks, Alaska, is a major node of infrasonics research under the leadership of Charles Wilson and John Olson.

ISLA: Infrasound Laboratory, University of Hawaii
This active group contributes to the nuclear test ban infrasound network as well as its own research.

Infrasound from the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake
Milton Garces of the University of Hawaii presents a sound file from the Boxing Day quake.

Volcano Infrasound
Jeff Johnson of the University of New Hampshire has notes, photos and papers on his research.

"Infrasound from the Pinatubo Eruption"
A chapter from the U.S. Geological Survey online book "Fire and Mud" describes the deep vibrations recorded in Japan some 2800 kilometers from the Philippines.

The Infratonic Healing Device
Infrasound is the basis of this medical device, purportedly related to qigong and bolstered by a flurry of poorly cited anecdotal reports.

NOAA Infrasonics Program
The U.S. government is looking at infrasound in connection with storm warnings, clear air turbulence, and other atmospheric problems.

"The Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau"
This unreferenced article from the Borderland Sciences archives by Gerry Vassilatos, a professional teller of strange tales, is an evocative treatment of infrasonics. I can only vouch for the science.

Swedish Infrasound Monitors
The Swedish Institute of Space Physics at Umeå serves current and archived infrasound data.

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