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Cosmic Impacts

Impacts, craters, and the geology that accompanies them.

Look to the Skies!
Research on cosmic impacts has made us take a big gulp and thank our lucky stars.

Tunguska, the Cosmic Hit of the Century
The Tunguska cosmic impact of 1908 was a lucky strike for Earth.

Measuring the Unimaginable
About the Torino and Palermo scales for possible cosmic collisions.

Impact-related faulting creates peculiar friction-powered melts called pseudotachylites.

Planetary Defense Conference 2007
Presentations and the resulting white paper from this authoritative impact conference in Washington are presented by the Aerospace Corporation.

Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards
This space-oriented site from NASA consolidates data and background reports from many NASA sites.

Comets, Culture, and Currency
A well-done amateur site presents fascinating detail pointing to many cometary impacts in ancient times.

Earth Impact Database
The University of New Brunswick has them all in this database spun off from the Geological Survey Canada.

Earth Impact Effects Program
Interact with this page from the Lunar and Planetary Lab at the University of Arizona--enter an impactor and your distance from it, then see what the experience would be like.

Explorer's Guide to Impact Craters
The Planetary Science Institute has a colorful educational site covering crater geology in some detail.

Near-Earth Object Program
The Jet Propulsion Lab is the world hub for impact-related space research.

Space Imagery Center
The University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Lab presents several pages on meteorites, impacts and their role in Earth history.

Aerial Explorations of Meteorite Craters
Charles O'Dale has devoted his retirement to exploring impact craters in his light plane, and sometimes a canoe. The craters are mostly Canadian.

Terrestrial Impact Crater Slides
Pictures and an exhibition by experts Christian Koeberle and Virgil Sharpton. Second edition, 2000.

Chesapeake Bay Crater
The USA's biggest impact crater formed in the earliest Oligocene. The U.S. Geological Survey has gathered some good resources here, including two Professional Papers.

The Manson Impact Structure, Iowa
Iowa's buried crater is introduced on this page from the Iowa Geological Survey Bureau.

Meteor Crater, Arizona
Meteor Crater Enterprises says, "Come on by!"

Meteor Crater History
All about the research behind Meteor Crater from the Barringer Meteor Center.

Odessa Meteor Crater, Texas
Bill Bentley of caver.net put together this enthusiast's page on the USA's second-largest crater.

Tunguska Home Page
The University of Bologna has scientific papers as well as links and photos.

Tunguska Comet Impact 1908
Russian author Andrei Zlobin has strong and informed opinions on this modern impact event, in English and Russian.

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