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Geology Glossaries

Word lists for many specialized subjects in geology.
  1. Glossary of Geography
  2. Glossary of Geology (36)

You Can Look It Up
A look at some weird words, and why we need them, and where you can find their definitions.

Architectural Terms in Geology
Geology derives many of its words from the discipline of architecture. Here's the first list of these terms on the Web.

Outcrops versus Exposures, an Essay
When is an exposure really an outcrop, or vice versa?

What Geologic Terminology Do You Hate?
Geologic terms that are poorly used, improperly used, or just irritating.

Glossary of Geological Terms
Hundreds of terms from the Colorado analytical firm geotech.org. The home page also features a geochemical glossary.

Geological Terms
About 125 major terms briefly defined from the University of California Museum of Palontology.

Foclóir Geolaíochta agus Geoifisice
Yes, everything you need to know in Gaelic, from www.achainn.ie.

Icelandic-English Geologic Glossary
U.S. Geological Survey Open-file Report 95-807 lists hundreds of terms and some guidance in the ways of the intriguing Icelandic language.

How Many? A Dictionary of Measurement
By Russ Rowlett, University of North Carolina, a very cool resource with a great link list.

Roots of Botanical Names
More than 1000 Latin and Greek word elements that show up in formal plant names are listed by Karen Fletcher of the Garden Gate site. Very useful for dissecting fossil names.

Dinosaur and Paleontology Dictionary
A great hyperlinked resource from Zoom Dinosaurs, for smart people of all ages and a superb browse.

Glosario de Geofísica
The Geofisica blog translates hundreds of Spanish geological and geophysical terms.

Glossary of Glacial Terms
Part of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, this illustrated list has about 180 different definitions.

Gravity/Magnetic Glossary
A specialized list from Integrated Geophysics Corporation, Houston, Texas.

International Glossary of Hydrology
An enormous site by UNESCO covering 11 languages. The English section has some 2000 entries.

Minerals A to Z
From the Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom, with many pictures.

Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms
28,000 terms compiled by the Bureau of Mines, easy to search and navigate. There are other mining glossaries, but why bother? Well served from Hacettepe University in Turkey.

Glossary of Physical Oceanography and Related Disciplines
A very large (over 4300 entries) and wide-ranging list from Steven Baum of Texas A&M University.

Oilfield Glossary
The Schlumberger company performs a great service with this large wordlist for the petroleum industry and the science that underlies it.

Paleontology Terms from the U.S.Geological Survey
About 150 terms related to geologic time units, major life forms, and common fossil body parts.

Glossary of Pollen and Spore Terminology
All about these important microfossils and their living counterparts, from Michigan Tech.

Glossary of Rock, Mineral, and Gemstone Terms
From the Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom, this list is much wider-ranging than the other mineral lists.

Glossary of Salt Structures
A very specialized, colorful resource by Carlos Cramez of Universidade Fernando Pessoa in Portugal.

Sea Ice Glossary
A well-illustrated list from the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Glossary of Soil Science Terms
A sound source for this complex specialty from the Soil Science Society of America.

Glossary of Solar-Terrestrial Terms
Some 200 words and concepts related to space weather and the sun, from the National Geophysical Data Center.

Glossary of Speleological and Caving Terms
The Australian Speleological Association publishes this list of some 750 terms, ranging from "cave" to "stygoxene," maintained by Max Meth.

Glossary of Trilobite Terms
A huge and beautifully illustrated wordlist of everything related to trilobites, created by Sam M. Gon III.

Photoglossary of Volcanic Terms
A gorgeous set of images with definitions from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Volcanic and Geologic Terms
From VolcanoWorld.

Water Science Glossary of Terms
The U.S. Geological Survey, the government's lead agency on water matters, posts this set of about 150 definitions.

Water Quality Terms
From the Water Quality Association.

Wave Glossary
About 80 terms related to beaches and surf are presented by Australia's Manly Hydraulics Laboratory.

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