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Glacier Picture Gallery

Visual Glossary of Glacial Features


This gallery primarily shows features of glaciers (glacial features) but includes features found in the land near glaciers (periglacial features). These occur widely in formerly glaciated lands, not just areas of current active glaciation.

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Ice-sharpened ridgesArête, AlaskaWhere glaciers are bornBergschrund, SwitzerlandCarved stone bowlsCirque, MontanaIcy squatter in a cirqueCirque Glacier (Corrie Glacier), Alaska
Long sandy landmarksDrumlin, IrelandRocky remembrancerErratic, New YorkSnakes of sandEsker, ManitobaPicturesque baysFjords, Alaska
Perched ice bodiesHanging Glaciers, AlaskaThe MatterhornHorn, SwitzerlandWith whale accompanimentIceberg, off LabradorA cool blue placeIce Cave, Alaska
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