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Sedimentary Structures


Sedimentary rocks tell stories about the geologic processes that made them. These processes are familiar—waves and currents, winds and weather, living things, landslides and more. All of them leave their signs in sedimentary structures like these.

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Sedimentary rock types
Minerals of the Earth's surface

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Signs of unstable mixingBall-and-Pillow Structure, CaliforniaA simple case in shaleBedding, CaliforniaA natural cut-and-fillChannel Cast, CaliforniaKnobby afterthoughtsConcretions, Nevada
Signs of roiling motionsConvolute Lamination, CaliforniaA clast out of placeDropstone, CaliforniaSigns of gravity and motionFlame Structure, CaliforniaFossil watermarksFlute Casts, Mongolia
Formed on a slantForeset Beds, AustraliaBubble trails frozen in timeGas-Escape Structures, ColoradoLike little spirit levelsGeopetal Structure, WisconsinCoarse down, fine upGraded Bedding, California

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