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The Oregon Outback


Oregon is known for its coast and the volcanic Cascade Range, but its portion of the Basin and Range province, bordering Nevada and California, is a geologic attraction of comparable interest. This quick traverse gives just a taste of a grand landscape.
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Old US395 northIntroductionA high view of the region and roadsIndex MapA colossal cliffAbert RimDetails of the escarpmentAbert Rim Closeup
A perfect dayAbert Rim and Sagebrush DesertA bit of irrigationAbert Rim and DeerA highstand of ancient Summer LakePaleo Lake ShoreA jewel in the deertSummer Lake and Winter Rim
Patrolled by cattleMonument RockView from former lake floorDunes North of Summer LakeA pictographic areaPicture Rock PassBasaltic screeTalus at Picture Rock Pass

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